Unique Dining Experiences at Pennings Farm Market in Orange County New York

Unique Dining Experiences


Come enjoy unique dining experiences on the farm. Maintaining established farm-to-farm relationships is the key ingredient in the recipe that makes Pennings Farm a real signature destination for entrée-tainment.

Pennings Farm Market appreciates the importance of collaborating with area growers and producers as well as local breweries, cideries and wineries in recognition of the Hudson Valley New York agricultural and craft beverage movements.

Beer, Hard Cider and Wine Dinner Pairings

Dinner pairings are scheduled throughout the year, showcasing the seasonal bounty found in Orange County New York.

Beer, hard cider and wine dinner pairings range from three to five courses that are thoughtfully paired with locally produced beverages, complimenting the signature farm-to-table style of the menu.

A Spotlight on Local

Local ingredients are the shining star of the pairing experiences where specialty plates feature ingredients sourced from local farms and producers emphasizing the importance of knowing how and where food is grown.

It’s with a great sense of pride and comfort that Pennings feeds customers foods that are fresh, full of flavor and taste better because they’ve just been picked.

Pairing the right beer, hard cider or wine with the right food can turn a great meal into an amazing meal, but when done in the family-style setting of a dinner pairing event, diners become friends, memories are made and bellies are filled.