Pennings Farm Market, Garden Center, Grille, Pub and Beer Garden in Warwick NY

Roots Run Deep
at Pennings Farm in Warwick, NY

Pennings Farm Market began in 1983 as a simple seasonal farm stand selling produce grown on the farm. It has since expanded to a year-round indoor farmer’s market specializing in Pennings Farm grown and locally grown, raised and produced items.

With time has come transition and growth on the farm that has kept the operation fulfilling the wants and needs of the community for fresh produce, meats, dairy, honey and a vast array of specialty grocery products.

Gradually, the Pennings family has recognized the need for diversification of the business establishing additional departments including a Garden Center, Pub, Grill, Ice Cream Stand, Bakery, Catering Service, seasonal Beer Garden, Apple, Peach & Apricot Orchards, a Hopyard and so much more!

The history of the farm goes back to the late 1930s, when Jake Pennings, a young man from Holland, made a foray into the US for his family’s tulip trade. His return trip coincided with Hitler’s bombing of Rotterdam, and his ship was diverted to London. Tiring of being held up, he returned to the States and settled in the Warwick, NY area, fathering 10 children with his wife Johanna, where they opened a dairy farm.

Led by the oldest son Jack, the family purchased additional land and planted the apple orchards for which Pennings Farm has become known. Apples were originally offered for wholesale in NYC in the 1970s. Gradually, competition from larger orchards in NY State drove them out of the NYC market.

The Pick Your Own craze was in its infancy and the Pennings recognized the multiple benefits of taking advantage of the new opportunity and its potential for growth of their operation. Throughout the years, thousands of families continue to make memories of taking their children to You-Pick orchards located in the country settings within the Hudson Valley.

Situated in Warwick, NY on the NJ border, less than an hour and a half from New York City has marked Pennings Farm as the region’s premier farm to visit.

The Seeds Were First Planted Back in the 1930s

What’s Blooming on the Farm Today

While Jack and his son Jack Jr. still maintain the orchards, it is Steve Pennings (Jake’s 9th child) and his wife Jill who have been steering the direction of Pennings Farm Market over the last 30 years, turning the farm into the year-round destination it has become.

With the addition of the multiple departments, a variety of year-round special events, garden workshops, music festivals, weekend musical performances and craft beverage & farm-to-table food pairings fill the calendar.

Our Farm Grown Produce Includes

Apples • Peaches • Apricots • Nectarines • Tomatoes • Corn • Pumpkins • Peppers • Squash • Zucchini • Eggplant • Hops • Barley