Farm for Life/Farming is Our Life

We farm for life because it’s the best way we know how to keep the must-not-be-forgotten history of a simple life alive. We’re farmers so you don’t have to be.

Farming is our life and it’s what we do from sunup to sundown. Year round. Each season gives its own twist to farming but there’s a common thread. We’re in this. Our family is in this. Our parents farmed. Our children farm. Our extended farm family farms. It’s a lifestyle and a commitment that comes inherently for those who find roots here on Pennings Farm.

Tasks and Chores

There are the usual tasks and chores that go on that folks consider to be farming and then there are the behind-the-scenes antics and the often-unexpected moments that truly make farming our life. Sure, there’s the plowing and the seeding, and the weeding and the pruning, the picking and packaging, and even the fermenting and the kegging. But there are also the engine-rebuilds and the roof patches, the refrigeration bleeds and the pesky pest control. There’s the fence building to keep the goats and chickens in and the coyote out.

There’s the record keeping of the crops, whether there’s a bumper crop or only a few bushels. There’s the constant inventory of the pub, grill, farm market, garden center, cidery and every field of crops. There’s the interviewing and hiring and training of farm hands and market clerks and line-cooks and servers and bussers and bartenders and gardeners and parking attendants and security and managers. There’s the handling of the forever growing employee payroll and bills to be paid.

Pennings Farm Team

What gets us through these oft considered mundane chores and these pressure building, unexpected yet not uncommon workloads would have to be the company that we keep while we’re knee-deep in it. When you step onto Pennings Farm as a member of the team, you’ve really stepped in it, and there are some things that you just can’t clean off your boots. Each step you take after you join our farm family has you making your mark. That mark is something much more grandiose than just bagging farm grown apples & sweet corn, serving up local grass-fed burgers, pouring NY state produced craft beer and hard cider, feeding the goats and chickens or planting and tending to a new orchard of antique apple trees.

It’s the farm aura, so to speak, that envelopes all that you now do. It’s the nostalgic service to your community of days gone by that you’re providing. Days of fresh picked fruits and vegetables, moments of family style dining on locally grown, loved and prepared fare, teaching moments about the roles that farm animals play on the farm, the importance of family time spent walking through a colorful bumper-crop-filled orchard in the crisp country air.


Every moment on this family rich soil that we farm, day in and day out, is what makes our life of farming such a reward. It is the reason we #farmFORLIFE.